Beastmode Remixes EP Cover
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Gabriel Rowano is certainly a machine when it comes to tropical bass. The heavy-hitting “Beastmode” is appropriately titled. The Dutch producer has teamed up with some familiar faces as well as some new ones to bring you one hell of a tropical bass release.

The original mix of Beastmode taps in at 106 beats (or beasts) per minute, and with the grainy, dirty Dutch lead, this track is nothing less than a moombahton banger. The remixes hit home for the original, flipping the moombahton track into each producer’s unique flavor.

The Wost remix takes moombahcore into the next level with an energizing intro that drops right into a heavy moombahcore cut with a new lead synth and a hip-hop break. The young producer is from Venezuela, and can only go up from there.

Antae gives a new distorted feel to the track with a hardstyle kick adjusted for the groovy midtempo style. Big hits on the first beat give this an almost electro-driven orchestral vibe.

The remix from Insane Fennel is quite pleasing at 90 beats per minute with a big heavy dancehall kick and epic strings to make it perhaps the most outstanding remix. Perfectly sampled sound reverberate through the entire track to form a remix that will shut the club down.

Similar to tempo to the Insane Fennel’s take, Colin Domigan brings a synth-driven dancehall and zouk fusion to the table that accents Gabriel Rowano’s lento feel with a touch of drum & bass.

Finally the remix from Café de Calaveras combines tropical house and calypso that sets the track apart from the others. He takes the melody and the original melody and transposes it to a steel drum rhythm that makes listening to it incredibly interesting.

Tropical bass is ever-growing and expanding with styles both new and borrowed, and the Beastmode Remixes EP only furthers this genre.


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Insane Fennel


Colin Domigan


Cafe de Calaveras