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It has been over a full year since Colin Domigan has released his last EP, and between jobs and escaping higher education successfully, he has been hard at work organizing releases for Dubco Records. Since Zouk Bass VIP EP, he has been exploring house music more, dabbling with sounds a little different than his tropical bass and midtempo fixations. After a dozen Dubco releases, a handful of remixes and getting his laptop stolen on Christmas, Colin has prepared his next release.

With his new Boston Fire EP, Colin has applied his new found love for house music, and brings some outside names to bring fresh heat and some fond tropical flavors. The leading track, “Boston Fire,” is a deep-house and disco fusion that introduces the beat slowly and calmly before building into a funky groove with a bouncing bassline.

For the title track, Danslow gives his deep vibes, at a slower tempo and flips around the bass. He adds new synths and effects to separate it from the original but pays homage by cutting up loops and samples.

Nick Garcia provides some slow industrial sounds with a slight techno influence for his remix. The arrangement is an impeccable piece of work, changing kick patterns and new element introductions make it a very unique track.

Tona Ra gives a high-energy footwork flip, taking the softer samples and ramping up to 160 beats per minute for a smooth juke feel that progresses into a big trap ending.

“Middle East Downstairs,” the B-side, is a new attempt at the jungle terror sound, combining the sounds of Jersey club, dutch house and trap into a cohesive, energetic dance track.

Antae provides a very organic tribal after-hours remix that has a progressive arrangement with new ideas and sounds being added around every corner. Drippy effects and cut-up loops from the original all blend together to a very dance-ready track.

Closing out the EP, Marshall smashes the speakers with an urban twerk anthem that has the right amount of dissonance that make it great. A dash of double time, new synths, and a fresh rack of drums make this remix especially different that sticks out from the rest of the remixes on the EP.

Colin Domigan resides in the Boston area and is still working hard on new releases for the label as well as remixes for other artists. Boston Fire is just another chapter in his book.


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