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After joining the Dubco crew a year ago, Common Notion is ready to release their first EP entitled “The People.”

The People started as an experimental track in one of the duo’s South End home in Boston, MA, but later evolved into a more serious late night beat after a few more sessions working on it. After months of being unable to put the final touches on the track, they enlisted the help of DLYCAT who resides in Brooklyn NY, and is one of the original members of Dubco. After a few weeks with the track DLYCAT was able to apply his expertise and add important characteristics to the track ultimately wrapping it up.

In The Night kicks off the featured remixes on this track with his jackin house flip as the second track. Adding some more distortion and saturation to the bass synth, he creates that in your face sound that jackin house lovers come to expect in this type of track. He also adds a number of atmospheric effects that all play important parts in creating the tension in release between sections.

Testudo wraps up the EP with a totally different feel moving completely away from 120-128. This track adds a future beats rip centering around expertly chopped vocal samples from the original mix. As the track progresses, he adds in the chordal synth low in the mix as well as a higher syth counter melody.

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