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Very much like our founders (Lord Mobsky and Sir Artemov), Nick Garcia hails from our nation’s capital, and the origin city of moombahton. But this album is not moombahton. Nick has presented us with not one, but three original tracks on Stress EP that bring nothing but good vibrations and positive feelings to the dance floor. Nick works at Yoshitoshi, runs HNDMD, and has previously been featured on Dubco (Boston Fire), Zakim Recordings (Together Compilation 2014) and Lifted Contingency (Lifted Cuts Vol. II). He gets pretty busy.

What’s great about Stress EP is that the tracks go so well together. The chord progressions build and warps along with the beats, and higher end sounds decorate the syncopated basslines. It’s hard to pigeon hole these house tracks into one sub-genre, as they sound they could be used anywhere in a set.

This is another stepping stone for Nick Garcia, and we are always excited to see what he has in store next.


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